Michael Birkner

Managing Director
Year 1961

Already since my early childhood, I lost my heart to the cars of the brand, which carry the people in the name, which is not too surprised because of their wide distribution, their characteristic engine noise and their strange appearance. When, ten years later, it came to the all-encompassing generation change, I initially struggled to accept the new generation, distinguished by its contemporary design and construction features. At the latest when the first commercial successes of the designated successor took place and it was preparing to establish its own class, all doubts were eliminated and I became one of his biggest fans. I used this momentous experience as an opportunity to look beyond the famous box and also to open up for other brands and concepts.

I built up my great knowledge of the automobile and its history in my youth by spending almost all of my pocket money on the purchase of specialist magazines like auto, motor und sport and spending nearly all of my free time studying them. After a business education, I worked for 25 years as a market analyst for the Swiss new car and used car market at an international market observing company in the automotive industry and as an editor for special products such as MotorReport, before joining with two other specialists of the automotive industry, to found the company CarepO GmbH, which focuses on the publication of quotations for collector’s cars.




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