Caring for the collector’s car

Usually, a collector’s car stands more still than it drives, i.e. its substance is considerably more in need of care than that of a young used car due to the ageing process of all materials. All the more necessary is a good care service, especially during long periods of inactivity. A collector’s car only becomes particularly valuable through detailed documentation of all work. The more complete the records are (service booklet, logbook, copies of invoices, correspondences, « MFK » protocols), the higher is the value for the lover. Today it is possible for many brands to make issue a certificate by the manufacturer’s tradition department, i.e. a kind of birth certificate.

After the purchase of a collector’s car, the buyer must ensure that he can turn to a specialised workshop or at least count on the help of his club. Often only going to a specialised collector’s car workshop can help. Now there are numerous workshops with the necessary know-how for collector’s cars. The value of training to a collector’s car specialist has recently been recognised.

Not only the manufacturers of so-called premium brands have been trying for some years to be able to supply spare parts for their models. Even for lost brands the spare parts supply still works surprisingly well. Sometimes the search is worthwhile itself on the numerous collector’s car and parts markets, particularly taking place in the spring at home and abroad.

It’s clear that a collector’s car not only needs care, but must also be carefully stored. The storage in individual, well-ventilated garage boxes is ideal, well-secured car parks are also an option if they are dry enough. Also museum halls with central dehumidification and heating facilities ensure that the collector‘s cars stay young. In addition, the regular care and the maintenance of the driving readiness (e.g. recharging the battery, checking the tyre pressure and the various fluids) are required.




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