Classify the collector’s car

The state of preservation or restoration is one of the most important assessment criteria for a collector’s vehicle. In Europe, grading in five qualitiy levels or categories has established itself over the years. The value scale 1 to 5 means:

  1. Perfect original condition (1): or restored uncompromisingly according to manufacturer’s specifications and with original parts. This category also includes vehicles with low mileage which, regardless of their year of construction, are preserved in their original substance as delivered by the manufacturer and which have not been modified by any after-treatment (Patina). Such vehicles are extremely rare.
  2. Very good original condition (2): or professionally restored according to the original. No technical defects, only minor signs of use. Minimal concessions to age or mileage. No missing parts or retrospective modifications that are not exclusively intended for road safety or replacement of wearing parts.
  3. Good general condition (3): possibly older restoration with few signs of use and wear. Partially installation of new parts, but according to the original specifications. Insignificant defects, no immediate maintenance work required. No rust penetration. Ready for immediate registration.
  4. Acceptable overall condition (4): possibly partially restored. Vehicle largely complete, but only conditionally ready for driving. Needed of repair. Minor to moderate rust penetration. Ready for registration after restoration at reasonable costs.
  5. Unrestored, defective condition (5): or deficiently repaired. Vehicle almost complete, missing parts, hardly ready for driving. Greater investments necessary, but still restorable. It is neither a wreck nor a carrier for some spare parts.

Conclusion: the majority of the collector’s vehicles offered in the generally accessible classic market can be assigned to the value scale from 2 to 4.




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