Choosing the collector’s car

In addition to brand, age and condition, the body shape plays an important role in differentiating the collector’s car offer.

The official body nomenclature follows clear definitions:

  1. Convertible Sedan: car with fixed side panels and with frame above the doors and a rolling top.
  2. Convertible: two or four seater open car with winterproofed folding top and retractable side windows. Also known as Drop Head Coupé (DHC), Convertible Sedan or Cabriolet décapotable.
  3. Coupé: closed, generally two-seater, also 2+2 or four-seater car with shortened roof. Also known as Fixed Head Coupé (FHC), Sports or Fastback Coupé, Berlinetta or Coach.
  4. Hardtop: two- or four-Door car without side pillars. Also known as Hardtop Coupé or Hardtop Sedan.
  5. Landau: car with a folding top above the rear seats, while the roof above the middle and the front section is fixed.
  6. Off-Road: Offroad vehicle with two or four wheel drive. Also known as Cross-Country.
  7. Pickup: (Utility-)vehicle with an open loading area behind the front seats. Also known as flatbed (Pritsche in german).
  8. Pullman: car (saloon, sedan) with a separation window behind the front seats and usually with a longer wheelbase than the basic model. Often with additional folding seats in the rear.
  9. Roadster: two-seater open car with an unlined soft top and not retractable side windows (so called push-in windows), possibly with emergency bench seat (2+2). Often referred to as Spider or Speedster.
  10. Sedan: closed car with four or more seats. 2-/4-door Notchback Sedan known as Saloon (english), Sedan (american), Berline (french) or Berlina (italien). 3-/5-door Fastback Sedan known as hatchback (english) or liftback (american). 2-door Sedan also known as Coaches (english). Due to their spreading, they are listed separately.
  11. Sedanca: car with a folding top above the front seats, while the roof above the middle and the rear section is fixed. Also known as Brougham, Town Car or Coupé de Ville.
  12. Station: closed car (2-/4-door) with tailgate and foldable rear seats. Also known as Estate (english), Station Wagon (american) or Break (french).
  13. Targa: two-seater car with removable roof center part and roll bar (B-Pillar), whereby the rear window is often permanently installed. Also known as Surrey Top or as T-Top.
  14. Tourer/Phaeton: open four- to seven-seater car with folding top without retractable side windows. Also known as Touring Phaeton or Torpedo.

Engine types

For the better identification of the vehicle, the cylinder arrangement and the number of cylinders are indicated. The following abbreviatios are used:

B    =   Flat engine with opposed cylinders (Boxer)

M   =   Single cylinder engine

R   =    In-line cylinder engine

V   =    V engine

W  =    Rotary piston engine (Wankel)




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