Parking story 13

On one of the last summer weekends I clearly heard a characteristic roar of a boxer engine, which came from an early and very well-preserved VW Bus T2 with a large sunroof, which drove past me at a leisurely pace and from the interior of which a happy crowd of children waved.

If you want to know the market values at which models of this absolute cult classic bus from the late 1960s and 1970s are traded, you only need to choose one of the subscription options available. And you will already get to know its current market quotations from up to four currency areas.

So much in advance: The comparison of the few vehicles traded at the auctions in recent years with the published market quotations from CarepO shows that the auction results do not yet reflect the price development to be expected. For fans, this means that they shouldn't wait and grab it now, as long as the prices are at a relatively low level.





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